The Justice of a Quazi

Long ago, there was a Sultan in Bengal. His name was Giasuddin Azam. His capital was Sonargaon near Dhaka. He was a very just and kind ruler. Sultan’s hobby was hunting. Very often he went on hunting. One day he went for hunting deer in a jungle. Aiming at a fawn, he shot an arrow but missed. Instead of the fawn, the arrow pierced a boy who was the only son of a widow. At this, the widow was greatly shocked. She brought a charge against the Sultan to the quazi.

The Quazi asked the Sultan to make the widow happy. The Sultan compensated for this guilt and the widow became pleased. Then the quazi embraced the Sultan. He said if the Sultan disobeyed him he would have punished him. The Sultan also said if the Quazi failed to make justice he would have beaten the Quazi. Then the two great men became friends and remained so forever.