Floods in Bangladesh

The unusual inflammation of water that overflows the banks on the rivers and submerging a vast area of land is known as flood. It is an all-natural calamity. It is occasionally called deluge. It will be devastating and horrible while causes a colossal loss to lives and attributes. Bangladesh, being a land of rivers, often falls victims to floods nearly every year.

Floods factors that cause various reason. Excessive and continued heavy rainfall is the main cause of flood in Bangladesh. When there is heavy rain for several days the rivers can’t hold and carry down a great deal water to the ocean. As a result, the lake overflows the bank connected with rivers and submerges an enormous area of land. Flood makes miserably. it cause a big loss of life, property and crops. it sweeps over villages and towns. Streets, roads and even peoples house go under water. People can’t go one place to another. It washes away crops, vegetables and fruit trees and make people homeless.

Flood visit our country almost every year. The floods that occurred in the years 1954, 1960, 1968,1970, 1974, 1987 and 1988 were terrible. The flood of 1954 affected the whole of Bangladesh. It visited our country two times in 1968 and three times in 1984 and caused a huge loss of life and property. The flood of 1988 has broken all the records of losses. ninety percent of villages and towns were under water for several days.

After flood, epidemic and famine break out. The areas affected by flood become muddy and unhealthy. So various kinds of disease such as Cholera, Dysentery and typhoid break out. There is scarcity of drinking water. The price of all daily necessities go up very high. crops are washed away. so there are scarcity of food. But if the flood lasts for a very short time, it brings some good too. It makes the land fertile.

In Bangladesh flood causes a huge  loss every year. So it is urgently necessary to take proper steps for the prevention of flood. Both long term and short term plans can be taken for this. An efficient relief measure should be taken immediately. A well planned irrigation system will go a long way to reduce the extent and fury of flood. We can also build our house on a high level. The silted up beds of our rivers should be excavated for carrying more water than at present.

Ours is a very poor country. If we can’t check huge loss that flood causes to our country every year, our development is well high impossible. So we must find out effective and permanent measures for the prevention of flood.