Annual Report 2009 of GrameenPhone Limited

It is a broadly described annual report of GrameenPhone Limited in the year of 2009. Grameenphone has paid Bangladesh Government BDT 28.7 billion (BDT 2,870 Crore) as direct taxes, VAT and duties, and in fees paid to the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC). Additionally, Grameenphone paid another BDT 1.8 billion (BDT 180 Crore) through commercial agreements with the Bangladesh Railway (BR) and Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL). During 2009 alone, the Company contributed BDT 30.5 billion (BDT 3,050 crores) to the National Exchequer compared to BDT 35.1 billion (BDT 3,507 crores) of 2008.  The Company has invested more than BDT 149.5 billion (BDT 14,950 Crore) in Bangladesh; the last year 2009 alone Grameenphone invested over BDT 10 billion (BDT 1,036 Crore). In the year under review, Revenue increased by 6.4% in 2009 compared to last year mainly due to subscription growth combined with sales of GP branded handsets and data cards. EBITDA and operating profit increased by 21% and 34% respectively mainly due to lower subscription acquisition cost and savings through Operational Excellence (OE) program. Net Profit After Tax (NPAT) increased to BDT 14.97 billion (23%) compared to BDT 2.98 billion (5%) of 2008 mainly due to higher operating profit and tax benefit obtained due to change in corporate tax rate from 45% to 35% after successful completion of listing in the capital market.

Total mobile phone subscribers in Bangladesh reached 52.43 million, where the teledensity reached approximately 33 % with 54.09 million people having access to telecommunication facility. Six mobile phone operators of the country added 7.79 million customers in 2009 posting a 17 % growth. SIM tax of BDT 800, at the time of sale, has been the real barrier to the growth of the connectivity. 2009 growth of the industry would have been much higher otherwise.

The Directors are pleased to recommend a cash dividend of BDT 8,101.8 million, being 60% of the paid-up capital of BDT 13,503 million, which is BDT 6 per share of BDT 10 each for the year 2009 for consideration and approval of the Shareholders for distribution.

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