Recruitment Process of Summit Communications

“Recruitment and Selection process” is a slice of human resource process; As such I have selected this topic to make it clear. I have divided this report in some sub segments. As a young intern in a reputed telecommunication company like “Summit Communications Limited” I have tried my best to go through their Recruitment and Selection process within little tenure of 03 months.
The report starts with a general introduction “Summit Group Ltd.”, and then comes the introduction of “Summit Communications Ltd.” as well as its purpose, scope and limitation. The Mission and Vision of SCL are also discussed.

Then this report proceeds onto the preliminary talk about the products of SCL.
After that I tried to shed a light on the HR structure of SCL. All the functions of HR department are briefly described here. After that I continue on to the main focus of the report-“Recruitment Process of SCL” describing the different steps of it. Starting from identifying the need for new recruitment to final offer, all the steps are well described with an example.
After completion of this report it can easily say that efficient, competent and active part in Recruitment and Selection process take a company to the peak of the success.

Background of the study

There is no doubt that the world of work is rapidly changing. As part of an organization then, HRM must be equipped to deal with the effects of the changing world of work. For them this means understanding the implications of globalization, technology changes, workforce diversity. Changing skill requirements, continuous improvement initiatives contingent workforce, decentralized work sites and employee involvement are the issue for confront. Now it is a big challenge for the HRM to support the organization by providing the best personnel for the suitable position in shortest possible to me. Starting with recognizing the vacancies and planning for them is a great task. Moreover selecting attracting the suitable candidates and selecting the best person in time is a challenge.

The cost of the recruitment process is significant. So, proper planning and formulate those plan is the task that require more focus and improvement. Equal opportunity and sourcing is also a vital part. Realizing this need we tried to find the difference and similarities between theoretical aspects with the practical steps taken by the company. We took an attempt to demonstrate the feature for the further improvement.

Objectives of the Study

Broad Objective:
To know overall about the company of SCL and also know each and every parts of the recruitment and selection process of that company.

Specific Objectives:
1. To focus on major elements of Recruitment and Selection process.
2. To focus on the process of Recruiting and selecting personals.
3. To focus on the updates and the batter methods of modern technique.


Source of Information:
1. Primary: The primary information collected through face to face interview, observation, and by participation in the recruitment process.
2. Secondary: The secondary information collected from website, Magazine, Memorandum, Journals, books and some other relevant sources. Both primary and secondary data sources will be used to generate this report. Primary data sources are scheduled survey, informal discussion with professionals and observation while working in different desks. The secondary data sources are different published reports, manuals, price updates and different publications of “SCL”.

Background of Summit Group:

In the year 1972, the Summit vision was created with the establishment of a small thermo-plastic molding compound trading company, Sanguine Traders. The goal was to develop the company into a premier business institution. After three decades, Summit has become well established as a top rank business establishment of Bangladesh with the group consisting of more than 10 companies and employing more than 500 people.

Today Summit Group is recognized as a highly innovative company having a reputation of being the early movers in the markets it operates in. This company is currently known as Summit Industrial & Mercantile Corporation Limited (SIMCL) being a holding company incorporated on 1985. The group operates in markets such as power, shipping, oil, containers etc. It also has investments in other diversified fields such as real estate and banking. The two power producers in the group, Khulna Power Company Limited and Summit Power Limited are two of the largest and most advanced private power producers in the country. Out of the groups diversified concerns, four of its companies, Summit Power, Khulna Power, Ocean Containers and Summit Alliance Port Limited are currently listed in the two stock exchanges of the country and have a combined market capitalization of over taka 101 billion or around US $ 1.5 billion. The figures of the public limited companies alone make it one of the most valuable companies in the country, leaving aside its other privately held concerns.

Even though Summit is a profit oriented organization it believes in the betterment of society and takes it as an important responsibility to improve the lives of people around us. Keeping this in concern Summit has set up the Siraj-Khaleda Trust which has built a modern 200 bed hospital to provide treatment to the underprivileged people of the society. It also participates in the ProthomAlo Support Fund to distribute fund for different causes in all parts of the country. The group is also concerned about the environment in its actions and ensures it operations do not degrade the environment and they also subsequently go for tree plantations to replenish the losses to environment for industrialization.

Other Concerns of Summit Group:

1) Summit Communications Limited.
2) Summit Power Limited.
3) Summit Alliance Port Limited.
4) Khulna Power Company Limited.
5) Summit Shipping Limited.
6) Ocean Containers Limited.
7) Cosmopolitan Traders (Pvt.) Limited.
8) Summit Pipeco Limited.
9) United Summit Coastal Oil Limited.

Summit Communications Limited:

Summit Communication Limited (SCL) is one of the two authorized Nationwide Telecommunication Transmission Network (NTTN) operators in Bangladesh. SCL is a subsidiary of Summit Group, one of the leading and high net-worth industrial conglomerates of the country. SCL was set up to ensure diversification in the group and to take position into the telecommunication sector and strengthen the country’s telecommunication infrastructure. This initiative is also in line with Govt.’s initiative of ‘Digital Bangladesh’ and to lay foundation for this goal.

The organization started its journey on 22nd December 2009 after being granted a license from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) to operate Nationwide Telecommunication Transmission Network (NTTN) services. This license will help SCL to concentrate on its mission of strengthening the country’s telecommunication backbone by upgrading and expanding the current fiber-optic network in Bangladesh. It authorizes SCL to develop, build, own, operate, maintain and provide fiber-optic based NTTN services to Access Network Service (ANS), Licensed Telecommunication Operators and other authorized users.

 Organization Structure:

Summit Communications Limited, being one of the sister concerns of Summit Industrial & Mercantile Corporation (Pvt.) Limited has set the Management in line with the required expertise & Technical knowhow and relevant supportive divisions. The Board of Directors of SCL shall look after the strategic issues whereas the competent personnel employed by the company will implement its plan and supervise the plan. Here is the proposed organogram of the Company:


 Project Profile of Summit Communication Limited:

BTRC had issued licenses to private sector for building, operating and maintaining nationwide optical fiber network all over the country known as Nationwide Telecommunication Transmission Network (NTTN). Summit Communications Limited has been awarded as second licensee to implement countrywide optical fiber network on 9th December 2009. The first license was awarded to a company named Fiber@Home Limited on 2008 and they are already in operation having some decent presence of Optical Fiber Network nationwide.

Nationwide Telecommunication Transmission Network:

Resulting from tremendous growth in Telecommunication sector, there is a need of concrete stable and unified optical fiber network in metro cities as well as long haul for network connectivity or transmission purpose. All the telecom companies including Mobile Operators, PSTN and Internet Service Providers have established their network for their network connectivity. Each of them except the mobile operators have made of their network using overhead cables instead of underground network which are hazardous in nature and have low economic life. As a result, the growth in telecommunications demands during recent decade in Bangladesh, much attention has been given to transmission solutions both for active and passive network. A well planned optical transmission network can effectively carry and transmit voice, data and video services to the end customers. Therefore using NTTN operator in the country can strengthen its network transmission, provide cheaper but durable network, reduce wastage of resources and overall can implement a network build up for connecting all kind of operators under common backbone to ease networking facility to every entity without much disruption.

nttn license

Dark Fiber Leasing:

The term dark fiber was originally used when referring to the potential network capacity of telecommunication infrastructure, but now also refers to the increasingly common practice of leasing fiber optic cables from a network service provider. Dark fiber networks may be point-topoint, point-to-multipoint, or use self-healing ring or mesh topologies. While dark fiber leasing, SCL offers operators to lease cores/ pair (i.e. 01 pair = 02 core) from SCL’s network for a definite distance and the operator will pay based on per Km per core basis for dark fiber dark leasing. Additionally the company can build up additional spurs according to the request of operators. The operators can
sublease bandwidth to the end customers using their own active device or terminal equipment.

Potential customers for dark fiber leasing are ISPs, Mobile operators, PSTN operators, Wimax operators and Cable TV operators. Currently all operators is providing end customer’s solution by providing dark fibers to each customers. As a result, there is a discreet need of more dark fibers among all operators for providing backbone and end to end transmission solution which can be mitigated through NTTN operators. SCL will provide minimum 100 Km dark fibers for next 3 years to these operators for facilitating their backbone solution and these dark fibers will be provided exclusively for their backbone solution and will restrict them to sublease these fibers to other operators.

Bandwidth Leasing:
Another alternative way to provide transmission service to operators is to leasing bandwidth. Bandwidth can be generated using active device or terminal equipment and the company will allocate bandwidth to the operators based on SDH (for voice) or FE-GE Ethernet technology (for data) since some of the operators especially some ISPs prefer leasing bandwidth. This service is attractive for local small ISPs who cannot afford leasing 100 Km of Dark fiber and have small requirement of Bandwidth in certain areas in their market. Some other services also can be offered using this technology at the later stage of company’s project.

Benefit to the Industry:

Summit Communications Limited will lease out Backbone network transmission facility, Bandwidth to existing and potential service providers i.e. ISPs, Cable TV Operators and ANS Operators. The company will be holding the ownership of the transmission equipment including optical fiber, ODF, joint closure, terminal equipment etc. and the company will be responsible of overall operation & maintenance respective backbone. As a result, whenever any new operator includes in the industry, they will not need to spend time or money to establish their network and thus their Capital expenditure and Operating cost-both will be reduced.

Also since SCL is building Optical Fiber Cable network underground, hazardous overhead cable will be extinct and durability & reliability of their network will be magnified greatly. Wastage of cable and telecommunication equipment will be reduced and by sharing them each operator will not have to import extra cable and thus it will save national resources. Also company’s idea of common network backbone for all operators will make network establishment will be easier and much more organized for total telecommunication industry.

HRD of Summit Communications LTD

Human Resources Management (HRM) is a new concept. It is a combination of HR, Accounting, Management, Financial Management and Economics. Now-a-days, in Bangladesh, every year, and huge amount of money and talented HR personnel are being engaged by corporate to improve the productivity or skills of their workforce across
the country. Such huge expenditures are made with the expectation of future returns in terms of improved services to be rendered by skilled employees. In other words, organizations by investing human resources development definitely increase the service potentials embodied in human resources and these investments thus create economic assets for the organizations.

Human resource (or personnel) management, in the sense of getting things done through people, is an essential part of every manager’s responsibilities, but many organizations find it advantageous to establish a specialist division to provide an expert service dedicated to ensuring that the human resource function is performed efficiently.

“People are our most valuable asset” is a cliché which no member of any senior management team would disagree with. Yet, the reality for many organizations is that their people remain undervalued, under trained and underutilized. The rate of change facing organizations has never been greater and organizations must absorb
and manage change at a much faster rate than in the past. In order to implement a successful business strategy to face this challenge, organizations, large or small, must ensure that they have the right people capable of delivering the strategy. There is a long-standing argument about where HR-related functions should be organized into large organizations, e.g., “should HR be in the Organization Development department or the other way around?”

The HRM function and HRD profession have undergone tremendous change over the past 20-30 years. Many years ago, large organizations looked to the “Personnel Department,” mostly to manage the paperwork around hiring and paying people. More recently, organizations consider the “HR Department” as playing a major role in staffing, training and helping to manage people so that people and the organization are performing at maximum capability in a highly fulfilling manner.HR Practice of SCL

The HR department of Summit Communications is consisting of only 3 employees and the overall HR job is done by them.

hr diagram

hr function

Recruitment Management

SCL follows the typical process of recruitment management consisting of preparing Job Description and person specification, deciding the recruitment method, marketing the job, receiving CVs, shortlisting the candidates, holding selection events and so on. Details of the process are discussed in the later part of the paper.

Employee Benefit Management

Employee benefit is a type of benefit provided to employees in addition to their normal wages or salaries. In instances where an employee exchanges (cash) wages for some other form of benefit is generally referred to as a ‘salary packaging’ or ‘salary exchange’ arrangement. SCL’s Employee Benefit Package consists of retirement benefits, sick-leave, paid annual leave, training and so on.

Training Management

Training and development is a function of human resource management concerned with organizational activity aimed at improving the performance of individuals and groups in organizational settings.

training management

While I was assigned as an Intern at SCL, there were several training programs like training on health and security issues, training on Microsoft Excel, and classroom training on HDD.

Performance Management

SCL follows the following process for employee performance management

traing measure

Payroll Management

Payroll management process of SCL is discussed below,


Contract Management

For the entire contract with employees in S CL, HRD is responsible for that. There are various employee contracts, like temporary contract, permanent contract, contracts with higher level employee and so on.

Leave Management

SCL follows a structured process for leave management.

leave management

Recruitment and Selection Process of SCL

During my internship it was not possible to go through all the HR practices of Summit Communications LTD. in depth but there are several fields that I had opportunity to work in depth. Practices like recruitment process, leave management, salary management and employee benefit program etc.

Process of Recruitment in SCL

Summit Communications follows typical method for recruitment process.

recruitment process

Identify Recruitment Needs

During my internship period, the HR manager felt the urgency to recruit an assistant manager, HR. At the beginning the entire HR department was controlled by only the manager. As the business was expanding and the number for employees was increasing, he identified that it was becoming difficult for him to do all the HR jobs by himself. so, he decided to hire one assistant manager.

Analysing the Job

The proper start to a recruitment effort is to perform a job analysis, to document the actual or intended requirement of the job to be performed. This information is captured in a job description and provides the recruitment effort with the boundaries and objectives of the search. Oftentimes a company will have job descriptions that represent a historical collection of tasks performed in the past. These job descriptions need to be reviewed or updated prior to a recruitment effort to reflect present day requirements. Starting recruitment with an accurate job analysis and job description insures the recruitment effort starts off on a proper track for success.
According to the position requirement, the HR Manager analyzed the job, so that he can get the right person for the position

Deciding on Recruitment Method
First they need to decide on the sources of recruitment. They can recruit internally or externally.

recruitment source

1. Internal sources of recruitment:
Internal sources of recruitment refer to obtaining people for job from inside the company. There are different methods of internal recruitment process.

Promotion :
Companies can give promotion to existing employees. This method of recruitment saves a lot of time, money and efforts because the company does not have to train the existing employee. Since the employee has already worked with the company. He is familiar with the working culture and working style. It is a method of encouraging efficient workers.

Many companies adopt transfer as a method of recruitment process. The idea is to select talented personnel from other branches of the company and transfer them to branches where there is shortage of people.

Many companies call back personnel who have already retired from the organization. This is a temporary measure. The method is beneficial because it gives a sense of pride to the retired when he is called back and helps the organization to reduce recruitment selection and training cost.

Internal Advertisement :
In this method vacancies in a particular branch are advertised in the notice board. People who are interested are asked to apply for the job. The method helps in obtaining people who are ready to shift to another branch of the same company and it is also beneficial to people who want to shift to another branch.

Employee Recommendation:
In this method employees are asked to recommend people for jobs. Since the employee is aware of the working conditions inside the company he will suggest people who can adjust to the situation. The company is benefited because it will obtain.

Management Consultant:
Management consultant helps the company by providing them with managerial personnel, when the company is on the lookout for entry level management trainees and middle level managers. They generally approach management consultants.

Employment Agencies:
Companies may give a contract to employment agencies that search, interview and obtain the required number of people. The method can be used to obtain lower level and middle level staff.

Campus Recruitment:
When companies are in search of fresh graduates or new talent they opt for campus recruitment process. Companies approach colleges, management, technical institutes, make presentation about the company and the job and invite applications. Interested candidates who have applied are made to go through a series of selection test and interview before final selection.

News paper Advertisement:
This is one of the oldest and most popular methods of recruitment process. Advertisements for the job are given in leading news papers; the details of the job and salary are also mentioned. Candidates are given a contact address where their applications must be sent and are asked to send their applications within a specified time limit. The method has maximum reach and most preferred among all other methods of recruitment.

 Internet Advertisement:
With increasing importance to internet, companies and candidates have started using the internet as medium of advertisement and search for jobs. There are various job sites like and etc. candidates can also post their profiles on these sites. This method is growing in popularity.

Walk in Interview:
Another method of recruitment which is gaining importance is the walk in interview method. An advertisement about the location and time of walk in interview is given in the news paper. Candidates require to directly appearing for the interview and have to bring a copy of their C.V. with them. This method is very popular among B.P.O and call centers.
SCL usually uses external sources for recruitment. The assistant manager of HR was also recruited externally.
For recruitment of the Assistant Manager, HR, SCL choose to post advertisement through internet.

Marketing the Job:
When they were done with job analysis and deciding on recruitment process method, they prepared a job advertisement and send that to through an Email.

Following is a draft of the job advertisement for the position of HR Assistant Manager prepared by SCL.

Findings and Analysis

The HR department of Summit Communications LTD was structured in 2012. It is still in developing phase. Despite of being a new department, it is performing quite well. But there are certain areas to improve. In this part of the paper, I will be discussing about those areas.

Areas of Improvement

●SCL sources employees only through posting job advertisement in the internet. They do not go for campus recruitment, walk-in-interviews, and job fairs and so on. This is how they are missing out potential employees.
●They fill up vacancy through external recruitment process. Their promotion structure is very rigid. It is adverse to the satisfaction of the employees.
●Their recruitment and selection process is unstructured. No man power planning is done at the beginning of the year.
●As they do not have any manpower planning at the beginning of a year, their selection process seemed to be rushed. All on a sudden the need for new recruitment arrives and they start the recruitment process. So the effectiveness of the process falls down.
●Their job advertisement seems to be unclear. Job responsibilities are not fully described. So, it becomes difficult to recruit right person for the right job.
●They do have fault in Job Analysis, which is the basic of recruitment and selection process.
●They only take a written test consist of some basic questions regarding theoretical aspects of the
specific job.
●No medical test is done before appointing any employee.
●They fails to provide new employee with a substantive orientation of the job. So, it takes extra time to the employee to fit into the organization.6.2. Recommendation
●SCL needs to source candidates through campus recruitment process, participating in various job fairs, etc. For higher position they can go for management consultancy. By this they can easily get the access to various potential employees.
●They need to re-structure their pay structure, so that potential employees accept the job offer.
●While filling up a vacancy, they need to look at the external employees whether there is any worthy employee left unnoticed or not.
●They have to have a manpower planning at the beginning of every year. So, that at the very beginning the HR department knows about the need for man power and there won’t be any rush in the recruitment and selection process.
●Proper Job Analysis need to be prepared by the head of each department.
●Medical test require to be done before appointing any employees and HR department also needs to check the employee background more carefully.
●HR department should keep all the detail information about the employees including Police Verification Certificate to avoid any kind of legal issues if arises.
●They need to arrange an orientation program for all new employees to aware them about the culture of the organization and the job nature.


Recruitment is an important issue for any organization. Recruitment and selection allows an organization to assess the vacancy and choose the best personnel who will lead the organization in future. So the organization should give more emphasize on selecting a person. A person who can carry forwarded the organization in terms of development, values and ethics. Mainly the precious resource for any organization is their knowledge based efficient workers. The organizations should more cautious on this issue to ensure the quality and ethics.

From the above discussion we can easily understand that SCL is one of the top Company of Bangladesh. It covers the whole Bangladesh by its network. There are variety of products and services of SCL. At this moment the company is in growing position. But the strategies of the company will make the company “number one” company. So we can easily find out the Human resource practice, recruitment and selection process, employee satisfaction and relations at SCL is yet to develop.

This is the high time that SCL understands the need and importance of HR department. They need to realize the fact that success of an organization rests upon the satisfaction not the customers. Satisfied and motivated employees are the first criteria for customer satisfaction and organization success. In a broad view, it is vivid, that despite of being a developing department, HRD of Summit Communications Ltd is doing pretty good.