A Report On (Institution Name)……..School/College Won The ‘ABC’ Cup Cricket Tournament

Staff Correspondent/ Reporter, (Date :__/__/__):

(Institution name)………School/College team won the ‘ABC’ Cup Cricket Tournament yesterday beating (Institution name)………School/College team by 25 runs in the exciting final match of the tournament.

It was a foggy morning. The peach seemingly turned slow. However, the Captains of the two teams entered the field. Then there held the toss. The captain of the 1st Team won the toss and invited 2nd Team to bat first. Player 1 and Player 2 opened the innings. The decision of the captain of the 1st Team proved wise when the 2nd team lost 4 valuable wickets for only 42 runs. But in their fifth-wicket stand, Player 5 and Player 6 shared on exciting 185 runs. With their excellent contribution, the 2nd team scored 275 runs, losing 6 wickets in their innings. Player 5 and Player 6 made 112 and 81 respectively. Then the 1st Team started their innings. But their innings were divested before the sharp bowling of the two pacers of the 2nd team. They are (Player name)….. and (Player name)……. . (Player name)…….. got 5 wickets while (Player name)…….. got 3.

The innings of 1st team collapsed scoring only 215 in 45.5 overs. (Player name)….. of 2nd team received the Man of the Match prize. Principal Mr./Mrs. ______(Name), the founder and Principal of (Institution name)…… School/College declared a holiday to celebrate the great victory.