Application Format for Duplicate Marks Sheet

Application Format for Duplicate Marks Sheet

Examination Controller Department,

University name….



Subject: Application for Duplicate Marksheet


Dear Sir,


I, (name), am a student of (Subject; department); semester no…. in your university batch xxxx–yyyy, roll number ……. I have recently given my final examinations and I instantly need my mark sheet of final year. Dear Sir, I already received my original mark sheet but I lost it when I was travelling with my family for (state your cause) purposes. Therefore, I request you to issue a copy of my mark sheet so that I can attach that with all other necessary documents which have to be provided there.

I have already requested Head of Department for issuance of my final mark sheet. So I am attaching the signed approval letter from my Head of department that I am allowed to get the final mark sheet. Moreover I have also attached Principal’s approval letter for issuing me a copy of my final mark sheet.

I will be highly grateful to you for this great kindness and effort. I will be waiting for your quick helpful response and I will make sure to write a thank you letter in return of this favor.


Yours Sincerely,

Student name….

Subject; Department….

Cell No: …..