Beauty – an Open Speech

Beauty – an Open Speech

‘Beauty is only skin deep’ it is said. This means that a person’s appearance is not as important as his character. Yet it is strange why people and especially women are willing to spend a fortune on making themselves more attractive physically. The cosmetics and skincare industry is a multi-billion dollar business. This is true across the world. The reason can only be one, and it is that beauty has its advantages.

Attractive people are more popular generally. Beauty draws a positive response from the beholder. This is obvious with children. For example, based on observation, there is a tendency for adults to treat good-looking children better. This favorable treatment continues into adulthood, as attractive people are more likely to be chosen for leadership positions and given more opportunities. Being well-treated gives attractive people more confidence and they perform better. It is found that tall, slim, and handsome or beautiful people get promoted more easily and get better paid too.

Another important benefit that good-looking people enjoy is that they find a husband or wife more easily. It is a fact that people are first attracted to outward appearance. This initial attraction may then develop into romantic feelings and a serious relationship if the couple finds that they are compatible with each other. Beauty, then, attracts more suitors, leading to more choices for a life partner.

On the other hand, beauty has a number of disadvantages as well. Firstly, a good-looking person tends to attract unwanted attention from all kinds of people. The admirer may have bad intentions and cause problems for the target. There is also unwanted attention in the form of jealous peers. Another problem faced by good-looking people is that they may not be taken seriously. It is thought that beauty and brains do not go together. Hence, attractive people may not command respect even when they deserve it because of this prejudice against them. Besides, good-looking people may rely too much on outward beauty and neglect character building. Life for them has always been easy, so they may not learn to be independent and strong.

While every individual should take care of their outward appearance and look their best, they should not neglect their inner beauty or character. They should not place such importance on the beauty that they become proud and arrogant, forgetting that physical beauty is indeed, only skin deep and will not last.