Excuse Letter Format for Attaining Leaves without Intimation

Excuse Letter Format for Attaining Leaves without Intimation



(Company/Organization Name)


Subject: Excuse letter for attaining leaves without intimation

Respected Sir/Madam,

I hope you will be sailing in the best boat of health, wealth and eternal prosperity. I am really sorry for not intimating you before self retiring by myself from my duties for a period of one week. I know it is against the set rules and regulations of the office, but with due respect I was badly chained in my domestic issues that I almost lost my consciousness!

(State your reason/problem) was the greatest thing for me and I cannot spare time to inform anyone in the office about my leaves. I was frantically busy in arranging the ransom money for my relatives. Life is very uncertain sir/madam and it leaves no trace of stability and peace in mind and body! Yesterday I solved my problem. After freeing myself from this menacing pain I tried to approach you but it was too late in the night so I didn’t disturb you.

I will go through the pending work due because of my absence and will report you back after completing them as soon as possible.

Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,


Date: xx-xx-xx