Female Education In Bangladesh

Female education means the education of women. Female education in Bangladesh is not satisfactory. In our country, there are still some contradictory views about female education. Many illiterate parents think that educating their daughters is just wasting money, for they will be soon married off and will be of little help. But with all these beliefs people are coming forward to educate their daughters. It has taken a positive turn. The rate of literacy in our country is about 60% whereas female literacy is about 40%. Female education is necessary for getting an educated nation. Because an educated mother can give an educated nation. Gender discrimination is the prime barrier on the way of female education. Illiteracy, fanaticism, etc. are the reasons behind the barrier. Female education is of prime importance for the co-ordinated development of a Country. Education enlightens our mind, develops our abilities and gives us the knowledge of health, sanitation, and population control. In fact, neglecting the women-folk no nation can develop. So in order to achieve progress and prosperity, we must facilitate and ensure female education. To solve these basic problems, we must put more emphasis on female education. But if it is ensured, the picture of our country is sure to change. An educated woman can play various roles in the family. She can impart himself in different business and jobs. As a result, she can contribute to the family income. In addition, we ought to overcome the wrong attitude towards the female sex. If these can be done properly, our country is sure to move ahead with a positive sign of development.