Freak Weather

Freak Weather

Global Warming is an indisputable cause of climate change. The severity of its effects on weather conditions is always increasing day by day. Early one morning when it was still dark, I woke up suddenly. I felt very cold. The funny thing was that I had the blanket on but I still felt cold. I could not get back to sleep because of it. So I got up and put on extra clothes. Only then did I managed to get to sleep again.

When dawn came, I woke up to find that my nose was freezing. The rest of the body was comfortably warm under the blanket, but the head, especially the nose, felt like ice. Anyhow, I got up and immediately felt the cold air around me. I shivered. It was extraordinary that it should be this cold in the tropics. I checked the thermometer. It read 19 degrees Celsius. Goodness, I thought, this was really unusual.

Outside the sky was obscured by thick mist. Again this was unusual. On my way to school, my clothes actually got damp as moisture settled on me. It was cold and damp. The sun was well hidden. I could not even see where it was. Most of my schoolmates and the teachers had extra clothes on. The others shivered.

As the day progressed it became more pleasant. Mist still hung all around us. It was strange having lessons in unusual conditions. Only at about 12 noon did the mist clears and the sun shone through. Even then the atmosphere was pleasantly cool.

Weather conditions are closely related to human social, economic, agricultural, and industrial activities. It was freak weather but it was enjoyable while it lasted. It gave me an idea of how it was like in a cold country. How nice it would be if we had this type of weather more often.


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