Why I would like to be Rich – An Open Speech

Why I would like to be Rich – An Open Speech

Everybody wants to be rich and no one wants to be poor by their own choice. This is a fact. Event he rich wants to be richer and the very rich wants to be super-rich. In a materialistic world, money is an indispensable commodity which everyone, young or old, man or woman, seeks.
Everyone has their own reasons for seeking wealth. I have mine as well, and these are my reasons.

First, I would build my dream house. It would be in a quiet and secluded area, away from the busy city. It would be built on a large tract of land which would also include facilities such as a swimming pool, a tennis court, a badminton court and a jogging track that would run around the perimeter of the estate. It would also have a beautiful garden and a barbecue area for garden parties.

Then, I would also like to own a large yacht in which I could sail out to the sea. The yacht would have a well-stocked larder with the best foods and drinks available so that my guests and I could stay at sea for several days or weeks at a stretch.

I would have my own jet plane in which I could fly anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. I could be in New York one day and in Paris the next and then in Shanghai the following day.

Then, I would also like to help people. I would start a charity foundation to help the needy. I would award scholarships to exceptionally talented youths so that they would be able to further their education without thought of financial worries. I would also set up homes for the aged and the handicapped.

Finally, I would donate a princely sum to medical research. Scientists have not found a cure for diseases such as cancer and Aids. It would be good to render y help to such worthy causes.

These are my reasons for wanting to be rich.


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