My ideal life partner – an Open Speech

My ideal life partner – an Open Speech

I am only seventeen. I doubt I will need to think about marriage in the near future. However, that does not mean I have not thought about the person I would like to marry one day. The person whom I think is fit to be my life partner would have some very important qualities.

Firstly, he would be faithful and loyal to me. A person who is faithful is trustworthy and dependable. He will not cheat on his loved ones. He will be protective, and he will not do anything that will make his partner feel insecure. This is very important in a relationship. A wife must be able to have full confidence in her husband or else she would become suspicious and jealous. A marriage cannot survive under such circumstances. Hence, faithfulness is an essential quality in a husband.

Almost as important as faithfulness is patience. My ideal husband would be very patient. He would not lose his temper if I kept him waiting for an hour. If I cannot keep up with him, he will slow down for my sake. If I were to lose my cool, he would remain calm. This is an important trait because I am an impatient person. If both of us were impatient types, we would end up quarreling all the tune. An impatient man is rude and inconsiderate and I would not be able to respect him, much less be attracted to him.

My ideal husband would have a good sense of humor. People with a good sense of humor are fun to be around. They do not look at life so seriously nor do they get weighed down by troubles. Instead, they have a positive outlook on life. They are able to laugh at themselves and they are sporting. I love being with jovial people like that. So the man I would want to marry would be able to see the funny side of things. He would be able to comfort me when I am feeling down and make me laugh.

In a nutshell, the three qualities of faithfulness, patience, and having a good sense of humor are essential for a relationship to last. Too often, young ladies are attracted to good looks and great wealth. Physical beauty will not last and wealth can be lost. It is the three qualities described here that will help us weather the storms in life. I am not sure if my ideal man exists but I hope he is somewhere on this earth and that we will meet one day.