Our National Flag

A national flag is a piece of fabric with a special colored design used as the token of a particular country. It is the symbol of independence of a nation. Every nation of the world has a national flag of its own. It provides a distinct identity to a nation. It is a symbol of freedom and national pride. Bangladesh has also a national flag. We achieved it in 1971. The national flag shows the sovereignty of our country when it flows by the wind. The national flag is the simplicity of our nation.

The proportion of its length and breadth is 10:6. It is a piece of rectangular green cloth with a round red disc-like a patch in the middle. The radius of the red circle is one-fifth of the length of the flag. The green color represents the admiration of youthful vigor as well as the green fields and the evergreen subtropical forest of Bangladesh. The red circle symbolizes the rising sun with new hopes and aspiration of a new nation. The red color also symbolizes blood. It reminds us of the history of our independence. Many heroic sons of this soil sacrificed their lives for the cause of independence. Our National Flag designed by the late Kamrul Hassan, one of the reputed artists of the country. The dignity and significance of the national flag must be preserved at the cost of our lives. When we look at the national flag, our eyes are filled with immense and contentment.

After a bloody war, Bangladesh finally became independent on 16th December 1971. By using all strength the people of this country were struggling against the Pakistani Army and at last, achieved the independence of which the token is the national flag. The green and red color of our national flag represent the spirit of our independence. The national flag is hoisted in the premises of all govt. offices and institutes in Bangladesh. On some special days which are regarded as important for our nation, the national flag is kept half-mast.  It is kept half-mast on national mourning days. The free movement of the national flag shows the independence of our country and upholds the dignity of us as an independent nation over the world. National flag always inspires us to dedicate our lives for the greater interest of the country. We can uphold its honor by doing our duties to the nation. The national flag is as it were the spirit itself. We look upon our national flag with great respect.