Pleasure and Displeasure of Shopping

Pleasure and Displeasure of Shopping –

Nowadays, a lot of people can’t even imagine their lives without shopping. In our modern cities, we find hundreds of shopping complexes, centers, malls, arcades, supermarkets, mini markets, all catering for the apparently endless streams of people whose only pleasure in life seems to be shopping. But there are still some people who hate shopping and find it extremely boring and tiresome. When we talk about shopping we immediately deduce that shopping is surely a waste of time and money.

While I do not deny that shopping has its pleasures, I must add that shopping also has its displeasures, perhaps even more than the pleasures. An example of the pleasure of shopping is to find a perfectly fitting pair of jeans for half the usual price, only after spending one hour of displeasure going through a huge pile of garments dumped at the discount section of the shopping center. What more, there are a dozen other people rummaging through the garments as well. Worst still is that you have to buy two garments in order to qualify for the half price. In effect, you end up buying something you are not particularly interested in.

The interior of shopping centers are usually attractively decorated and the air is cool. However as modern shopping centers are so huge, it would be an impossible task to visit even a fraction of them in one day. But shopping has many disappointments, let alone the dreadful pain in the foot you get from walking for long hours in the market.

To add more, shopping can also be very disappointing when you can’t find sth fitting you like a glove. A great displeasure occurs when you want to get something but do not know where to get it. As a result, you return home dissatisfied and unhappy. So you consult the map that they display on the premises. So you trudge along up the escalators until you reach the shop only to find that what they have is not exactly what you want. The most displeasurable part of shopping is checking out. Often there are long queues of people all wanting to do the same thing.

Finally, when all the shopping is done and you have got very good deals for the things you have purchased, you lug your heavy bags to the car and go home. That is not the end of the story though. On reaching home, another story begins. It is true that shopping is a fun experience for some but there are many put-downs to watch out for!


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