Reference Letter from a Doctor for job purposes

Reference Letter from a Doctor for job purposes

[The reference letter from a doctor is useful when a candidate is applying for a job as most of the companies want some medical references about the candidate. Here briefly describe on Sample Reference Letter from a Doctor for job purposes. The letter should contain a brief summary of the tests carried out to examine the candidate’s health, including any test that was specifically prescribed by the company itself and how the candidate fared in them. This letter states that the candidate is physically and mentally fit for the job and the company would not be making a mistake by accepting the proposal. You can modify these sample as your requirement.]


Doctor/Sender’s name

Home/Chamber Address…

Date: DD/MM/YY (Date on Which Letter is Written)


Receiver’s name…

Job designation and company name…

Subject:  Reference Letter from a doctor

Dear Mr. / Mrs. (name),

I am very much pleased to write this reference letter for (candidate name) and would like to inform you that he is completely fit for the job. (Describe in your words). I was made aware that you asked him to take a series of tests that would prove his physical and mental fitness. (Describe all about a medical result).

I conducted all the tests, and he was clean in all of the evidence. (Describe your recommendation). Starting from blood tests to all the other requested tests, he has passed all of them.

I guarantee you that the candidate is entirely fit for this job and you would not make any mistake by selecting the candidate. (Cordially describe your greetings and expectation).

Yours Truly

Name and Signature…

Home/Chamber Address…

Contact Info…


Another Format, [Email format]

To: receiver mail address,

From: sender mail address,

Subject: Reference Letter from the Doctor

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is for the medical reference of the applicant, (candidate name) whom you sent to my clinic for a series of medical tests as per the requirements for employment at your company. (Describe in your words). I would like to inform you that the applicant is mentally and physically healthy. He had passed all the essential medical tests that you asked us to conduct. (Describe all about a medical result). We also tested his blood to detect if he is suffering from severe health conditions like diabetes, bacterial, or viral infections. His ECG, height, and weight are also normal. (Describe your recommendation). The other essential medical tests that the applicant went through are all regular.

These results made me confident to say that the candidate is in excellent health condition and you can also confidently hire him. (Cordially describe your greetings and expectation). He can be competent enough in any position even if it means too much exhaustion.

Respectfully yours,


Home/Chamber Address…

Contact Info…