Resume  Format for Administration Jobs

Resume  Format for Administration Jobs


Personal Information:

Name: XYZ

Date of Birth:






Aspiring for a position where my leadership, interpersonal and decision making skills can be utilized and honed.



Bachelor of Sciences (Honors) in (Institute name).

Relevant Courses: Intermediate Macro Economics, Development Economics, Statistics and Data Analysis and Principles of Marketing.

(State your educational qualification, as you have achieved)



English, (State other languages, if you know).


Professional Experience: (State experiences, if you have. Examples; like…..)

  • (Position name), Human Resource and Delegate Affairs Department in (Company name) from (date) to (date).

Description:My job, as an (Position name) of Human Resource and Delegate Affairs Department was to prepare, amend and analyse data bases of delegates, team members, volunteers and international participants.


  • Literature and Mathematics in (Institute name) from (date) to (date).

Description: Key Member, responsible for (i) dealing with participants and (ii) motivating high-school and college students regarding community service.


Extra Curriculum Activities: (State extra curriculum activities, if you have)

  • (Company name)

(Position name)- HRM (Human Resource Management) from (date) to (date).

  • (Company name)

Team member in Teach for Change Department from (date) to (date).

  • (Company name)

Team member (Responsible for economic research on different projects) from (date) to (date).


Research and Projects:

  • Public-Private partnership in Education sector research project (Date).

For the course: Development Economics

  • (Institute name) from (date) to (date).

For the course: Principles of Marketing

  • (Institute name) from (date) to (date).

For the course: Principles of Business Management


Awards and Achievements:

  • Received 100 per cent scholarship in …………….
  • Member of debating team in …………….
  • Badminton team leader in ……………….

(State other achievements, if you have achieved)