Resume Format for Project Manager Engineering

Resume Format for Project Manager Engineering


Name: XYZ

Postal Address:



Contact Information:






Personal Information:

Father’s Name:

Mother’s Name:

Date of Birth:



NID Number:

Passport Number:

Blood Group:


Educational Qualifications:

BSc (Mech Engg) in (Institute name) from (date).

BSc (Hons) War Studies in (Institute name) from (date).

Executive MBA (HRM) in (Institute name) from (date).

(State your educational qualification, as you have achieved)      


Professional Qualifications:

Quality Control/Aircraft Inspector Services in (Institute name) from (date).

Industrial Radiography in (Institute name) from (date).

Management Short Courses from (date) in (Institute name).

Senior Engineering Management Course from (date) in (Institute name).

(State your other professional qualification, if you have)



Seminars/Workshops Attended:

Six Sigma, Concept, Tools and Implementation Workshop Project, Management Professional Workshop Organization Development & Leadership Seminar


Work Experience: (State experiences, if you have. Examples; like…..)

Technology Consultant (Date)

Maintenance & Technical Engineering Officer (Date)

Deputy GM (Technical)   (Date)


Skills & Competencies: (State skills, if you have; like….)

Management, communication and interpersonal skills along with profound engineering skills.

Fluency in English, ………….., etc.

High expertise in computers, especially MS Office, Adobe Photoshop & Auto Cad, etc.



(State two common reference of your recognised person)