Resume Format for Human Resource Planning Officer

Resume Format for Human Resource Planning Officer


Name: XYZ






To offer my vast experience in planning/ execution of Physical Security, Administration, Management, Human Resource Development/ Management, Training and Disaster Management to further enhance the functional ability of your organization/ company and be part of a winning team.


Career Profile:

(xx Years) service in Planned, managed and monitored the physical security aspects of Water And Power Development Authority (WAPDA) installations throughout (Country name). Planned/ participated in Disaster Management duties, Internal Security duties in (date) to (date).


Expertise: (State other expertise, if you have. Example; Like…..)

Administration skills

Security Planning / Management (Installations / Personnel).

Human Resource Planning / Training /Development / Management.

Management skills.

Internal Security dynamics of Counter Terrorism to include Sectarian violence and prevention.

Staff Duties.

Communication Skills.

Fluent in English, (State other languages if you know).


Experience: (State experiences, if you have. Examples; like…..)

Advisor to Authority / Chairman (company name) on security policy making, planning and execution of physical security of WAPDA installations all over (Country name) and (date).


Director, Formation Monitoring and Coordination Cell (FMCC), (date) to (date).


Director (Company name)

(Company name), established to train and convert unemployed, less educated and poor youth of (Country name) into a useful technical human force, who otherwise are invested easily by anti-state elements.




Professional Certificates from (Institute name) in following subjects:-

Human Resource Development.

Human Resource Management.

Human Relations.

(State your educational qualification, as you have achieved)




Date of Birth:

NID Number:

Marital Status:

Blood Group:


Postal Address: