Sample Apology Letter for Out of Stock Item

Sample Apology Letter for Out of Stock Item

[Here briefly describe on sample Apology Letter for Out of Stock Item. You should mention the reason for the apology correctly and justify the reason well and take responsibility for the mistake. You also promise not to repeat the same error and resolve the situation using any available options.]


Your name…

Company/Institute name…


Date: (Date on Which Letter is Written)


Client name…


Subject: Apology for out of Stock Item.

Dear (Sir or Madam),

It is with great regret; I am writing this letter. It disheartens me to say that we won’t be able to fulfill our promise of delivering the goods you have purchased on (date). (Show your actual cause). There has been some error with the (error cause) on our part for which we took the order without checking with our inventory.

You have placed an order of (order name) on (date) and made payments for the same. Unfortunately, while checking with our inventory, we realized that we lacked (amount of items requiring) units of the item. We hadn’t realized that we had gone through all our stocks and still took the order and for that, we are truly sorry.

Though we will be able to make the delivery, it will still take us a week to replenish our stock and send them to you. We will be sending you the purchased item by (date of delivery). Hope you would accept them and understand our situation and kindly cooperate with us. We wish your continued patronage.

Thanking You.

Yours truly,

(Your Name)



Another format,

Dear (name)

Thank you for your recent order. Most of the items you ordered are in stock, but unfortunately, we have had to back order the following items: (Name of the items).

We have informed our suppliers that we need an additional shipment of these items urgently, as we understand that you are eager to receive them as soon as possible. (Show your actual problems). We are also seeking other suppliers who might be able to help us fill your order in the event our primary supplier remains out of stock.

Just as soon as the items you requested are in stock, we will ship them to you. In the meantime, we are shipping the rest of your order under separate cover.

Thank you for your patience. We appreciate your business.


(Your Name)