Sample of Booking Format in Word Format

Sample of Booking Format in Word Format


Company Name: ________




Date: xx-xx-xx

Booking Receipt

Dear Customer,

We are pleased to inform you that your order with below mentioned details has been booked and preceded.

Tracking ID: xxxx

Customer: ________

Address: _________

Contact No. ___________

CNIC/NTN no. _________

Purchase Order/ NOC no. _______________

Description: As your orders.

Quantity (Nos.): _________

Delivery Period: _________

Warranty Period: ________

Unit price: _____________

Sales Tax@ 17%: _________

WAPDA Inspection Fees @ 2.5%: ___________

Total (Inclusive Sales Tax and WAPDA Inspection Fees): ___________

Mode of Payment (Cheque/cash): __________

Advance Paid: ____________

Balance Receivable: __________

Thank you,

Name: XYZ

Authorized Signature

Date: yy-yy-yy