Science Workshop – Know your body

Science Workshop – Know your body

Students will gain an appreciation of the complexity of the human body and life in this fun school science workshop when your classroom becomes a biology lab! A workshop related to the science topic ‘Know Your Body’ was held on (date). The science workshop was an experience of a lifetime. In fact, it was a bucketful of fun. It made us understand how precious our body is and how we must take care of it to live a healthy and happy life. Workshops are the sort of events that you should try to join when you absolutely can.

The workshop participants were divided into 4 groups consisting of eight members each. Take a journey through the human body, and explore its parts and systems. We were assigned to accomplish two activities. They were:

(1) Body Mapping

The students in this group were instructed to trace one of their group member’s bodies onto joined sheets of brown paper. From there, they drew the external body. the other group drew an internal body map. They made it scientific and educational by labeling the sketch. Both groups exhibited good skills. The facilitator, Mr. Choo, made jokes while they did the drawings.

(2) Roleplaying

After the body mapping, Mr. Choo gave the third and fourth groups a specific topic and instructed them to compose a role-play on that topic. Some of the suggested topics were :

  • AIDS – the definition and prevention of HIV/AIDS
  • Effects of a healthy diet on our body
  • How boys and girls change during puberty
  • Plastic surgery
  • Heart Diseases

First, each group was given a topic and guidelines to prepare an activity in twenty minutes. Then, the groups had to present their activity in ten minutes to the rest of the students. Their performances were informative and interesting. After each performance, a short explanation was given by Mr. Choo. This was to increase our knowledge and understanding.

On the whole, the time that we spent at the workshop was educational and entertaining. The attendees were kept actively involved. Everyone agreed that it was a great workshop indeed.


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