Success – an Open Speech

Success – an Open Speech

Ask anyone young or old what he wants to achieve in his life. The answer is most likely `success’. Everyone wants to reach what he or she aims for. Everyone wants to be recognized for his or her talent or efforts, to win over others, or overcome circumstances to attain this precious thing called success. Unfortunately, some may focus so much on success, that they do not care how they get it.

To me, success is not something I want so badly that I would want to achieve it by hook or by crook. Some people desire success so badly that they use questionable means to achieve it. If I were to do that, I would lose my integrity and self-respect in the end.

If success were to be my top priority in life, I might neglect other aspects of life that are important. Focusing too much on achieving success would make me overly competitive. I would become insensitive to others’ feelings and not even regard people as people but only as a means to my reaching my goal. I will lose people’s friendship and respect which would leave me lonely and unhappy.

If I allow success to be all-important to me, failure to achieve it will affect me deeply. It would not be easy to deal with disappointment and dejection. Since my days and hours are concentrated on achieving success in what I want, there would be a great sense of emptiness if I do not achieve it. This is another reason why it is unwise to be too preoccupied with success.

I believe that success is not something we should think about too much. Rather, success is something that comes naturally when we do our best in whatever we do. If we do our best and fail, we still feel good

about ourselves. We then learn from our mistakes and try again. And that is how success will come to us. I doubt we can avoid it when we try our best and use our past experience to help us make better decisions.

Hence, my idea of success is that it should not be our main focus in life. We should not make it so important that we do not care how we achieve it. We should not focus on it so much that we forget others.