Write a Job Cover Letter for the Position of Lecturer

Job Cover Letter for the position of Lecturer

Date: dd/mm/yy




Institute Name….


Dear Sir/Madam,

With due respect to state that, I have recently seen your advertise for a Lecturer position in your institution (Institution Name) and I would like to apply. I am qualified in (subject with degree) (from which Institution) and (Passing Year).

I have more then two years experience as a lecturer in (institute name). I am very interested to continue my career in the world of lecturing. I enjoy passing on my learning’s to other students who are interested in a similar subject. I find myself that I can relate to students and provide support for them during their university amount courses.

My interest in lecturing is very organised and complete, I like to program my sessions effectively in order that the curriculum is protected without exception and with some fun to allow the students to correspond with the subject even far more.

I have a strong knowledge in my subject of (Name of major subject) and like to keep up to date in my subject to allow my students to get the full potential of my experiences as they needed. I’m an effective communicator and I will keep detailed records and also logs including lesson strategies.

I have enclosed a copy of my CV and other certificates, if you would be interested in my skills and experience, please let me know, I am always ready to contact with you. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely



Contact no……email…….