Report on Relationship Between the Panel Power and Grid Power

The power input from the panel is  constant under a constant isolation and the power output  to the grid is time varying at twice of the grid frequency. Mathematically




Where , , and are the peak voltage, peak current and peak  angular frequency

Of the grid and respectively and  is the peak instantaneous grid power.

Fig….illustrates the relationships between    and . At the steady state, the average value of    is equal to  . That is

Capture a



The capacitor  acts as a buffer for absorbing the difference between    and   . Fig. 3 depicts the low-frequency profile of the capacitor voltage varying between  and

at a dc value of   . Thus

Capture s



If will increase, and vice versa. as shown in figure…

Capture d


Consider the time interval   and   increase from  to .

Thus for

Capture f


Capture g