Why is the sky blue?

Let’s begin with the Sun. light-weight from the Sun seems white however it really consists of the many totally different colors. we will see these totally different colors {of light-weight|of sunshine} in a very rainbow or once white light passes through prism. because the white light-weight from the Sun travels through the Earth’s atmosphere, it collides with particles of air. the various colors, or wavelengths, of sunshine area unit scattered by these collisions by totally different amounts. Blue light-weight (shorter wavelengh) is scattered quite red light-weight (longer wavelength).

Why is the sky blue? - MSR Blogs

So, once the Sun is high within the sky, blue light-weight is scattered all told directions as daylight passes through the atmosphere and that we see the sky as blue.

But it’s a special case once the Sun is getting ready to the horizon at sunset or sunrise. daylight from the low Sun must labor under way more atmosphere before it reaches your eyes that means most of the blue light-weight has already been scattered going simply the red. The result's the attractive colors we tend to see at sunset and sunrise and, terribly sometimes, a flash of inexperienced light-weight.

When we see a rainbow we will see a variety of colors from red (longer wavelength) through yellows and greens to blues and eventually violet (shorter wavelengths). therefore if shorter wavelengths area unit additional simply scattered why do not we tend to see the sky as purple?

Why is the sky blue? - MSR Blogs

The answer lies with however our eyes react to light-weight. within the attention there area unit 2 kinds of cells that react to light-weight. 'Rods' area unit sensitive to brightness and 3 kinds of 'cones' area unit to blame for detection color. The 3 kinds of cones area unit sensitive to lights of bound wavelengths.

The 'blue' cones area unit additional sensitive to blue than violet, therefore once you research at the sky, the cones tell your brain you're seeing blue even if there's violet there.

Why is the sky blue? - MSR Blogs

I tried to cover as much as I could for a newbie to get started, but if you still have a question in your mind, feel free to give us a comment

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