Ranking keywords is very important and for that, you would need rank report tools. In this post, we are going to tell you about the best keyword ranking tools that can help you optimize the SEO ranking of your website. There are many benefits of using the keyword rank tracking tools and some of the common ones have been listed below for you guys:

●You can save all the time wasted in the selection of keywords manually.

●You would spend less time finding keyword statistics.

●You can optimize and upgrade your website in a better way with these online tools.

There are many more benefits of using the online keyword ranking report tools but instead of discussing the benefits of using these tools let us walk through the best utilities listed on the web.

Why is it important to check keyword rankings?

You must be wondering why it is important to track the position of a keyword. Well, you should know the position of a keyword on the search engine keeps on changing concerning its search density. A keyword that was ranked as number one on Google in the past would not always be there until and unless the users on the web keep it there. If for some reason the keyword comes to the lower position then it is directly going to affect the ranking position of your website. If you keep track of the position of your keywords then you can regularly keep on updating them to maintain the ranking position of your site!

Best Keyword rank tracking tools that everyone should try out!

Here are some of the best online keyword rank tracker tools that you can use without any complications:

Keyword rank checker by SearchEngineReports

The keyword rank checker by searchenginereports.net is among the best free tools offered by this website. The Keyword rank checker allows you to check keyword ranking of your website or single page rank. The working of this rank checker is quite simple and even a layperson can learn how to use it without prior experience. You just have to open the keyword rank checker and follow the steps listed below:

●In the tool, you have to, first of all, enter your domain address.

●Now! enter the search engine for which you want to find out the position.

●Next step! Select the device.

(The keyword ranking positions are different for mobile and desktop users.)

●After this, you have to enter up to five keywords that you have used in your content.

●The last step is to enter the domain address of your competitor.

●Now! hit the “Check Keyword Ranking” Button

Note: By using this keyword rank tracker you can easily monitor your keywords!


This is another online platform that can be used for keyword tracking. The best thing about this keyword rank checker is that it doesn’t differentiate between your website and that of your competition. The interface of this rank checker is quite straightforward and you don’t have to worry about learning how to use it. You simply have to enter the URL address of the website in the tool and it would automatically find the keywords used in the site. You would know the current position of your keywords. The tool would also suggest improvements that you need to make on your website.


Ahref is one of the best platforms for managing and improving different SEO aspects of your website. Finding the right keywords for your website is very easy with this web-based platform. You cannot only find new and relevant keywords for your website but you can also track the position of the ones that you are already using on your site. The tool would provide you complete statistics about the keywords being used on the site along with the value they are bringing to the site!

You can use any of these web-based tools for tracking the ranks of your keywords and the ones being used by your competition!

Here's a tip:

Google Keyword Planner

The Google keyword planner is among the eldest tools in this league. This keyword tool as the name tells us is used for planning/suggesting keywords. If you are striving for achieving a higher ranking position on Google then you should surely connect with this utility. This tool is available for free and can be used on all sorts of devices. You just have to make an account with this tool to enjoy its unlimited features.

I tried to cover as much as I could for a newbie to get started, but if you still have a question in your mind, feel free to give us a comment

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